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1. Ms. Ji-li Jiang (e-mail: info@jilijiang.com)

A children's book author and speaker, Ji-li Jiang was born and raised in Shanghai , China , and taught science before coming to the United States in 1984. After graduating from the University of Hawaii , she worked as a corporate operations analyst and budgeting director for different American companies for several years. In 1992, she co-founded East West Exchange, Inc, to promote and facilitate cultural and business exchanges between China and Western countries.

In 1997, she published her first book, the autobiography Red Scarf Girl. The book has won many prestigious awards and been used in many middle/high schools in United States . Ms. Jiang travels around the country to speak to students, teachers and the general public.

2. Mr. Owen Guo (owenguo@yahoo.com)

Owen Guo is currently teaching at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg , VA . Before coming t o America in 1986, he was an assistant professor at China 's Central Academy of Drama. He co-founded China 's Culture News in Beijing which has a circulation of over two million. H e has published short stories, poems, two novels and six plays, three of which have been produced in China and two in America .

Since he has been in America , Guo has served as the President of Chin ese Affairs at Emerson International Real Estate Corp., taught at both UC Davis and the Defense Language Institute, served as an advisor on Chinese business development for the Utah Pacific Rim Business Council, and been the Executive Vice-President of the Asian Cultural Foundation , which produced a two-hour documentary that was broadcast six times on national television in China.

3. Ms. Vivian Xue (e-mail: VZhang@dragontours.com)

Ms. Xue is currently the comptroller at Dragon Tours & Travel, Inc in Hawaii . She was the co-founder of East West Exchange, Inc, which promote d and facilitate d cultural and business exchanges between China and the W est.

Before coming to the United States , s he was Manager of the Index Publication Department at the Shanghai Library.

4. Mr. Paul Stames (e-mail: Ptstames@att.net)

Mr. Stames served as the Assistant Dean for Executive Learning at the Haas School , UC Berkeley, CA. As Assistant Dean, Stames significantly expand ed the college's Executive Development Program to many foreign countries, especially China . He traveled to China numerous times to successfully recruit executives for the program in UC Berkeley, and thus developed close mutual business relationships with many big companies in China .

Prior to UC Berkeley, Mr. Stames' rich experiences include running an executive educational program at Daniels College of Business in Denver, creating and leading The Leadership Council, a national network of over one thousand business executives, religious leaders, and educators focused on strengthening business leadership . He also was the Vice President of the Foundation for Teaching Economics.

5. Mr. Ronald Saunders (e-mail: RONSAUNDERS@COMCAST.NET)

Mr. Saunders is the Vice President, Operations at Fairchild Imaging, Inc. a high tech company that specializes in cameras for medical, dental and science markets. He has served as President, Vice President of Engineering, Vice President of Operations, COO, Director and General Manager in numerous small to medium size companies over the last twenty years.

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